Planning a Summer Vacation

Planning a Summer Vacation

Ditch The School Bus And Travel In Style!

Jayden Sutton

Are you planning a school field trip or sporting event that requires traveling a significant distance? If you are, then you know that one of the most difficult aspects of planning is simply the logistics of getting all of the students and faculty safely from point A to point B. Most people fall back to the old standby of the school bus for these trips, but school buses are generally not intended for carrying a large number of students on long trips and there are many disadvantages to using them for this purpose. Charter bus rentals offer a reasonable alternative with many advantages.

Charter Buses Are Designed to Go the Distance

Charter buses are routinely hired for trips that involve crossing state lines, or even crossing multiple state lines. They are reliable and comfortable for trips of this length, and the majority of charter bus companies offer fair rates for longer contracts. In fact, charter buses are often a much better deal in terms of dollar spent per mile traveled for long distance trips than short ones. Charter buses are also often much cheaper per person than traveling by plane or train, which can be helpful when the distance to travel is especially long.

Charter Buses Offer Amenities that School Buses Don't

For any individual student, a school bus trip is probably no longer than a half hour. For these short trips, school buses offer a reasonable amount of comfort. For longer trips, their inadequacies shine through. School bus seats tend to be fairly basic and do not offer much room to spread out and relax, for example. Even worse is the fact that many school buses are not equipped with air conditioning, which can make long trips during the hot summer months miserable for everyone on board.

The amenities offered by charter buses have advantages beyond just comfort, however. Students who are forced to endure uncomfortable conditions for long periods of time are more likely to become irritable and difficult to manage, which can put even more of a strain on chaperones who are themselves dealing with the same discomfort. This can lead to an unpleasant trip and, even worse, make for low spirits once you arrive at your destination.

Charter Buses Can't Be Beat for Overnight Trips

Will you be staying at your destination for one or more nights? If so, the lack of useful storage aboard most school buses will become readily apparent as soon as students begin hauling their luggage on board. While some school buses are equipped with overhead parcel racks or under bus storage, many are not. If your bus lacks these features, then the already cramped seats and aisles will soon begin to fill up with duffel bags and suitcases creating even tighter conditions on board.

Charter buses are designed specifically for longer trips where passengers are expected to carry luggage, and all charter buses will offer significant amounts of storage space.


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