Planning a Summer Vacation

Planning a Summer Vacation

Things To Know About Taking A Private Cruise With Dinner Included

Jayden Sutton

If you're looking for a fun way to spend a romantic evening, consider a private dinner cruise. A sunset cruise can be incredibly romantic, and the experience is made even better when it includes fine dining. Here are a few things to know about taking a private cruise with dinner included. 

Private Cruises Are Safe

If you've never been on a cruise before, you may be a little leery of being on the water. However, a cruise boat has to follow laws regarding passenger safety. That includes having flotation equipment on board.

The captain likely takes the same route on each cruise so they are familiar with the land and experienced at navigating the area and reading the weather. Plus, dinner cruises often stay close to land, so that might make you feel more secure.

Restrooms May Be Available

When you book your cruise, you'll want to ask about the boat. Your cruise might be on a yacht, sailboat, or smaller boat. A restroom will probably be available on a dinner boat cruise, so you should have access to everything you need.

Dinner cruises tend to stay on calmer waters when possible, so the risk of seasickness is lower than if your boat goes out on open waters. Still, it's always nice to have access to a restroom when possible.

Special Diets Can Usually Be Accommodated

A nice benefit of a private cruise with dinner is the crew can usually accommodate a special diet. Be sure to ask about the menu when you book your cruise and make sure vegan or gluten-free options are available if you need them. Also, ask about bar availability if you want alcoholic drinks while you cruise.

Rain May Not Cancel Plans

Another thing you'll want to know when you book your dinner cruise is what happens if it rains. Some may cancel the cruise and refund your money. Others may continue the cruise in the rain as long as the weather is mild. If there's a risk of a storm, the boat may stay docked while you dine. Since sitting on the deck under a star-filled sky may be important to you, be sure to consult the weather forecast for the date you plan your cruise.

There May Be A Dress Code

You'll also want to ask about how to dress for your experience. Daytime cruises are usually casual, but a romantic dinner cruise may call for more formal dress. Dinner may be the main draw for the evening, so you may dress for fine dining rather than a sightseeing cruise. However, if you book a sunset cruise, you might enjoy romantic and beautiful scenery too.


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