Planning a Summer Vacation

Planning a Summer Vacation

Looking For A Job In Another Country? Don't Make These Mistakes

Jayden Sutton

Any job interview can be nerve-wracking, whether you're trying to get a job in a different territory or even a different country. Unfortunately, some people make mistakes in the job interview process that can damage their ability to continue the interview and hire process. Ensure that you do not make any of these mistakes during your next job interview.

Mistake #1: Dressing Inappropriately

One of the biggest offenses you can commit at a job interview is not dressing the part. Even if you are applying for a job at a rather casual facility, you are expected to show respect for the fact that you are coming to an interview. Whether you are applying for a job as a custodian, schoolteacher, principal, or administrator, you should look your best. The clothing you wear plays an important role in the way a potential employer sees you, and they want to know you are responsible and capable of demonstrating a sense of decorum.

Mistake #2: Only Listing Your Accomplishments

If you come to a job interview only ready to discuss your accomplishments, you may actually show the interviewers that you are arrogant. Your goal should be to demonstrate that you are a good candidate for the job because you have some accomplishments in the past, but you certainly do not want the interviewers to believe you think you know the role better than they do.

Mistake #3: Not Answering the Questions

Another common pitfall is interviewees who do not necessarily understand the questions they are answering. They may answer the question they want the interviewer to ask rather than the one they actually asked. This can be a devastating mistake.

Mistake #4: Not Being Interested in the Organization

One of the difficult parts of applying for a job is learning what kinds of questions are most suitable to ask at the end of the interview. You should always ask questions at the end of the interview to demonstrate that you are interested in the organization and the position. Otherwise, you may find that the interviewers believed you to be uninterested in the job and move on to somebody who was more inquisitive.

Finally, rest assured knowing there is often not an incorrect interview question. You have not personally failed simply because you did not get a job or because you answered a question in a way that seemed to displease the interviewers. You may find that you learn a few lessons along the way and are better suited for another job for Canadians in your area. No matter where you interview, these tips will keep you from making a mistake.


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